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I love my job.


I really, really do. Every client and every project is completely different giving me constant opportunities to visually translate my clients hard work and visions. It’s an intuitive work that requires attention to my clients and a thorough knowledge of what they really want and need. I believe that design should deliver a message quickly, powerfully and simply. It should be unique, professional, memorable and beautiful. My goal with each and every project is to make you fall in love with it.

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I’ve been designing for nearly 20 years. I’ve run my own business for 15 of those years, taking a brief hiatus to have two babies and get them happily off to elementary school. Why do I add that I have two kids? Because parenthood is a whole level of experience all on it’s very own. Seriously.

I’m a self taught designer (with some help along the way. Thanks Stevey!), learning everything I know on the jobs I’ve had. Design is an art form and it requires an eye for it - you either have it or you don’t.